Seattle Poetry

It's not just for Californians anymore.

Puget Sound Poetics
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This community is meant to be a place where people from the Wet Side of Washington can get together and yammer about poetry, post info about readings, events, slams, open mics, and generally network with other poets and lovers of poetry.

If you have a book to plug and you're from Seattle, plug it here.

If you do something arts related that isn't specifically poetic, no reason not to tell us about it.

If you are looking to get laid by shy girls in librarian glasses and tweed skirts, best of luck. Elsewhere.

We'd be particularly interested in making connections with other local poetry communities on livejournal. Maybe do some sort of cultural exchange like back in the halcyon days of the Soviet Union when we only had to be afraid of one thing at a time.

Anyway, for now at least, it's anything goes.

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